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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ticking off "The List"

I'm actually getting myself organised which for me is a tad scary.  I have several lists with the trick being to focus on one list at a time!

The shop has been buzzing along quite nicely with Xmas coming up - even though I still haven't got all of my stock up on the walls it is starting to look more like a shop now!.   Have only scheduled a few classes for the next few weeks as I find that we are all getting a bit too busy with the silly season and don't have as much time as usual.  We will be running some kid's workshops in January and also a new bracelet that I'm sure will be popular as a class (yes it's a seed beady one!).

Definitely in Xmas mode now with the kids nagging us to put up the tree and I'm keen to decorate the front courtyard ready for our Xmas Party with lots of sparkly snowflakes and stuff!

Anyway - off to work now (just need to climb the stairs and I'm there!)  Gotta love that!.  Doing up my kits for the class this week - check it out....  Going to do some other colour combos too!

See you soon

Monday, November 14, 2011

Xmas Already?

The speed with which this year has gone by is just incredible.  I've been to so many cities yet have only seen the inside of the apartment and the inside of the show venue so it's almost like it never happened!.  It was great to get around and meet ladies from all different walks of life and share our skills with them at the show classes.

I'm looking forward to a slightly less frantic pace where I can be with my family and have a little bit more time to think and plan out some interesting projects for the coming year.

There are a few things I've been wanting to do like the beaded viking knit necklace I've just put up as a class coming up.  It is not a quick one that's for sure.... Loaded with Swaros and a mix of earthy gemstone beads - love to mix it up!

Well it's on to my list to start ticking off the things that I really want to get on top of before Xmas....

Bye for now