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Monday, November 29, 2010

Google Groups - should be Google Grrrrrrroups!

Just spent a good part of today trying to work out why the Google Group I set up had so many issues!  What I thought would be a simple task allowing me to send out the newsletter via the group set-up ended up being a major pain in the butt and even my IT husband had trouble sorting it out!

As it turns out you need to have a google account to even access it and then some of my customers who appeared to be members didn't receive the first email about the change of location yet received all of the replies from the posts!  Go figure.

Anyway I think we've finally sorted it out and have made sure that you there are not going to be random emails flying left right & centre.

So back to some serious beading now!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kids Kits

Looking forward to the jewellery party in the shop tomorrow night - haven't had much sleep this week as I have been making up lots of smallish items which will be good Xmas presents such as bookmarks with handmade bead critters and phone charms etc.

I have also managed to fit in the design of a set of kids DIY kits that I have been asked many times for in the past and have decided I really should do something about it... Well I now have a range of 6 kits that I have limited supplies for at the moment but will be fully kitted up by the end of next week.  The idea is to package them for kid's eyes and make them nice and colourful but easy to make up.  These ones are my favourites.

Anwyay - must keep going with my preparations for the party.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sale Week 1

Wow what a huge week... Our sale has been going very well - I even went through my gemstone stash at home and decided to bring it all in as I seriously won't be able to use it all myself and I really should share!.. The week ended on a very pleasant note with me actually sitting down and doing Sandee's class on Saturday and finishing the necklace!!! woohoo - absolutely love it and will be doing my darndest to get as many kits made up as possible - so many colour possibilities!!  It's just gorgeous Sandee!

Have been out with family most of today so it's been nice to catch up with my sister from Kingaroy who wants me to go out and do a workshop out there!  I am heading up to Childers in a couple of weeks time to do a couple of workshops as well as one in Maryborough so I'm going to be busy that's for sure!.  That will be on the weekend of 20 / 21st November so I won't be in the shop that weekend.

We have the private shopping night Jewellery Sale on next Friday night with loads of bargains on the finished jewellery so I'm sure it will be a big night!.  Making sure the shop is looking bright and festive with Christmas decorations and pretty dangly things.

Must go and create - so many ideas - so little time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Forgot to mention - we are having a really big sale at the shop starting tomorrow with bargains on just about every product line - up to 70% off if you are a beading buddy!.

Also bargains online at -

Don't miss out!

OMG it's almost Xmas!

Where the heck has this year gone! I have exhibited at quite a few craft shows this year which has been both rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. I've loved travelling to different cities to experience the different vibes that are out there and have met some amazing and inspirational crafty ladies.

Heading into the silly season I've had to do some serious thinking about the direction of the business and where to go from here. As the lease at the shop came up for review in early December this year, I've decided for a lot of reasons to relocate the retail shop to the front room of our residence in Seven Hills as of the 1st January, 2011. We will of course continue to provide the same level of service but with more focus on the website and travelling to more craft shows around the country. I will be reducing the range of some product lines such as Swarovski crystal and increasing others such as my seed bead range and line of beading kits.

Classes will still be held but on a smaller scale with an outdoor courtyard available when the weather is good and the shop hours will change to be Tuesday to Saturday by appointment only.

I will still be doing repairs & custom jewellery for bridal and formal occasions so it will be business as usual with Donna my trusty assistant continuing to help me out part time.

I do hope you will continue to be a part of this new direction for Mad Monnie and come to see us at the new address of 8 Karana Street, Seven Hills.

Monnie xx