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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kids Kits

Looking forward to the jewellery party in the shop tomorrow night - haven't had much sleep this week as I have been making up lots of smallish items which will be good Xmas presents such as bookmarks with handmade bead critters and phone charms etc.

I have also managed to fit in the design of a set of kids DIY kits that I have been asked many times for in the past and have decided I really should do something about it... Well I now have a range of 6 kits that I have limited supplies for at the moment but will be fully kitted up by the end of next week.  The idea is to package them for kid's eyes and make them nice and colourful but easy to make up.  These ones are my favourites.

Anwyay - must keep going with my preparations for the party.

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