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Thursday, December 8, 2011

GETTING FIT! Not Just Physically!

I've had a realisation!!  When you start to get your body fit, the mind tends to follow suit.  Have been slogging it away at the gym for a month now and have seen some really good results losing 31cm from the old bod.  It has also been making me feel a lot more energised and mentally ready to take on the world!.  Loving it!

I am also getting some jobs ticked off "the list" but unfortunately for me keep adding to the list as quickly as I tick them off.

The big thing I've decided to do is to revamp my range of kits as I'm finding that I am pumping out new kits by the day and need to "retire" some of the older kits so that I can keep things fresh and exciting.  With this in mind I'll be looking at clearing out these old ones so a big Kit Sale is in order! and the Xmas Party on the 17th will be a good day to do it me thinks!  Should be a good day and hopefully will be able to catch up with my lovely customers then.

Boys are on holidays now and I've got them organised with a schedule of computer time / TV time and "outdoor" time so they have just realised that I mean business and will not be swayed!  Just need to keep my sanity for the next 6 weeks!.  They are good kids so I am very lucky.

Time to get off the computer myself now and stick to a little schedule of my own!
Until next time!