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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well after another surviving the second Sydney show of the year, we are heading to Townsville next week for the Craft & Sewing Show so last minute preparations are being made and the list is getting longer!  Donna and I are on tour again so look out Craft show goers!  Am teaching a couple of classes too which will be good.  We will then be off to Melbourne and then Canberra so a very busy couple of months coming up.

Am looking forward to catching up with Sandee, Penny not to mention Jann and a few others popping in tomorrow so that will be great.   I wonder if they realise I will be putting them to work! (hehe!).  I have even had my 9 year old boys helping me put kits together, pricing & packaging - we agreed that it wasn't child labour but merely enhancing their fine motor skills!  They are on holidays and are bored so I'm taking full advantage of that!.

I am having to think about Xmas products & kits which is really hard to do in July!  For some reason it all seems a bit silly but then it rolls around so quickly you really need to be prepared.  

Anyway back to the kits - no early nights for me this week!


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