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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shop Progress

Have taken my lovely friend Liz's advice to write in my blog more often - so here it is!

Well I farewelled the shop last Monday (after 13 carloads and 1 big removalist truck!) with a hint of sadness as it has served we very well for the last 4 years.  But, being the optimist that I am, am looking forward to setting up a fantastic shop display and courtyard area that my customers will love coming to and spending time at the new set up.  My wonderful hubby has been working extremely hard getting some extra storage areas set up so I can keep all of my excess stock well organised and within easy reach.

My next challenge is "where the heck am I going to fit all of this stuff"!!!

So - with space at a premium - storage is the key... I'm actually finding that being organised is a skill - it takes a ***load of plastic boxes (which is critical when they are left outside in the rain!) and throwing out stuff that you don't really need!

I was going to post a piccie of the work in progress but I am getting closer to finishing so it will be "finished" photo - coming soon!

Stay posted!

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Creative Arty Facts said...

YaY for Mon! Now where are the pic please? Creative people are very visual!!